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Sport Threads jerseys are made with 100% micro polyester performance wicking material. This material is specifically selected because of its print-ability, flexible fit, and breathable pores. When you’re out on the waters or in the direct sun for hours on end you need protection. The fabric allows for your to be protected but still have the breeze keep you cool. Some jersey materials on the market have a very silky smooth finish that is very vulnerable to snags or tears. Our fabric has a slight mesh texture but still very smooth, we believe it’s a perfect balance. This newly developed fabric is engineered with our moisture management and soil release finish, along with a super soft hand for unmatched comfort.


Our Sports Threads Jerseys are made from start to finish in our shop in Lufkin, Tx. It all starts with a great design. We take your ideas and our designers can create a one of a kind design for your jerseys. Then we print! We actually print your design in panels on our sublimation roll printer. The front, back, sleeve and collar are all separate pieces. Then we heat press the sublimated print into the polyester performance fabric using our huge heat press. This is like magic! The ink actually turns to gas and dyes into the fabric so when the press is done you have the beautiful print and no feel of ink on the fabric. It’s the best! Then after the fabric panels are all printed our seamstress sews them all together to make your Sports Threads jersey!

To see a jersey project go from start to finish is still so exciting for our team! Nothing better than seeing the pieces all come together! When we are done we package and ship the Jersey to its new home.

True to You

We offer true to fit jersey sizes that are very close to what you would wear in a basic t-shirt. Whatever size you would typically wear, you can be confident that same size in a Sport Threads jersey will fit and feel just as great (if not better)! Short sleeve or long sleeve, our available sizes include Adult Small-3XL, and Youth Small-XL. Our standard jersey features a stand-up collar neckline with a 1/4" zipper, but we also offer a ribbed crewneck finish as an option.


All of our long sleeve jerseys include cuffs at the end of the sleeves, which help keep the sleeves from going past your wrists. If you ever wanted to push the sleeves up your arms, the cuffs also help keep them up.

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